monetize your site or application's social experience

Social Theater works with many of the world’s largest brands to deliver a user-friendly ad experience allowing your site’s members to decide which advertisers they wish to support and when they choose to support them.

technology at its best

Social Theater works seamlessly within most launch points of your site or application. The user interface is responsive and fits into most iFrames, web views, and native applications and works with all major browsers. We'll integrate with your APIs to create a fluid, easy, and effective user experience. See examples of us on some of our publishers on the Demo page.

Benefits of Social Theater

  • Opt-in advertising experience
  • Consistent and reliable revenue
  • Quality brands only
  • No direct response advertisers

We work directly with

  • iOS and Android publishers
  • Social sites with a virtual currency
  • Content based (e.g. article based) sites